How Can You Print Out Free Folgers Coffee Coupons?

can-print-out-folgers-coffee-coupons Credit: Mike Mozart/CC-BY 2.0

To print out free Folgers coffee coupons, go to the Folgers website and choose the option labeled "Promotions" before clicking on "Coupons, Coffee Offers, and More!" Click on "Sign up now," and enter your email address and birthday, and Folgers will notify you when coupons are available.

  1. Go to the Folgers website

    Locate the Folgers website online.

  2. Choose "Promotions"

    Click on the link for "Promotions."

  3. Go to the "Coupons" link

    Go to the option "Coupons, Coffee Offers, and More!", then click on the link "Sign Up Now."

  4. Sign up

    Enter your email address and birthdate and click "Sign Up." Folgers will send you notice when coupons and other offers are available. The "Contact Us" link also provides a phone number to call if you would like Folgers to mail you coupons and promotions.