How Can You Print IRS Tax Forms?

How Can You Print IRS Tax Forms?

To print IRS tax forms, visit the official IRS website, locate the relevant form, download the PDF file and print it. Taxpayers can find forms for individuals and businesses on the Forms and Publications portion of the website, as noted by the website.

Taxpayers can print off IRS forms using the following steps.

  1. Visit the IRS website
  2. The official IRS website is available 24 hours a day, every day. All current forms are available through the website.

  3. Find the relevant form
  4. Look through the list of current forms and find the required form. The IRS also offers some forms for the previous tax year and instructions for all forms.

  5. Download the PDF file
  6. All forms are available as PDF files.

  7. Print the form
  8. Print the downloaded PDF file.

Taxpayers who do not have printers can also access forms at taxpayer assistance centers, libraries and post offices, or request them from the IRS through the mail, as reported by the AARP.