How Can You Print Free Business Cards?

How Can You Print Free Business Cards?

Small businesses can print their own business cards from free templates, notes Brother. However, business owners will still have to invest money in a printer, ink and business card stock.

When printing out business cards, decide beforehand what type of card stock to use. As noted by Tiny Prints, card stock is available in glossy, matte, textured or regular types. Glossy card stock has a shiny surface, matte card stock is silky, smooth and textured stock has a slight rough or embossed texture on the surface. Regular card stock is just slightly thicker white paper for printing.

  1. Find a template
  2. Visit the Brother website and click on the Business Center and then click on Business Cards. Scroll down the page to view the options and double-click to open the desired template.

  3. Modify the template
  4. Click on each section of the business card template to type in the new contact information, such as name, address and phone number. If the card has an image section, click to upload an image to the card. This is usually a closely cropped profile image of the businessperson.

  5. Print the business card
  6. Click on the Print icon when ready to print out the card. There is also an optional 'Save' icon to download and save the finished product. Select the desired number of cards on the page, the margins and spacing between cards. Click on Continue to Print and Print.