Where Can You Print the 500 EZ GA State Tax Form?

The tax form 500 EX for filing individual income taxes in the state of Georgia can be downloaded from both the Georgia Department of Revenue website and the Georgia government website. Each site offers the form as a free PDF for printing and filling out manually or through a computer.

The version of form 500 EZ available on the Georgia Department of Revenue website supports online data entry when used with supported web browsers or applications. To use this feature, first click on the form to load it into a browser. If the browser supports PDF forms, date entry boxes appear on the applicable areas of the form; otherwise, the browser launches a dialog box notifying the user that forms are not supported. Some applications, such Adobe Acrobat, are designed for the specific purpose of handling PDF files and may need to be used instead.

Once the appropriate program has been identified, information is entered by selecting a portion of the form and typing in the required information. The form 500 EZ requires the individual to enter her name, social security number and address, along with the matching information for a spouse, if applicable. The form also has space for calculating the gross and net income, tax credits and any donations the payer wishes to make.