Where Can You Find Prices of Cattle Futures?


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NASDAQ.com, Barchart.com and TradingCharts.com provide commodity futures price quotes for live and feeder cattle. NASDAQ.com provides the end-of-day commodity prices and historical price charts for cattle futures, while Barchart.com and TradingChart.com list current prices and open, high and low prices for the current trading session.

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Where Can You Find Prices of Cattle Futures?
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The NASDAQ Stock Market serves as the exchange where commodities are listed and traded by investors, so NASDAQ.com is the primary source of up-to-the-minute information on cattle futures. Other sources of price information, including Barchart.com and TradingCharts.com, display price information with at least a 10-minute delay.

However, Barchart.com and TradingCharts.com are more likely to provide analysis of cattle futures trading in addition to basic price information, including trends in the market and historical comparisons, because both sites are investment tools for research and advice. Investors can subscribe to these sites by paying a fee to access professional-level information and in-depth analysis of cattle futures and other types of commodity trading.

Cattle futures are contracts between cattle suppliers and meat buyers that establish a price for the transaction in advance of the trade to limit the risk that there may not be enough supply or demand at the time the cattle must be bought or sold.

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