Where Can the Prevailing Wages by State Be Found?


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Researchers can find information on prevailing wages on the website of each state's department of labor or equivalent department. Many states publish their prevailing wage charts at least twice per year. Regulatory agencies of some trades also publish information.

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Prevailing wages are defined as the hourly wage paid to the majority of workers and are calculated according to specific factors by each state. The passing of the Davis-Bacon act in 1931 guaranteed that contracts for federally funded or assisted jobs with contracts over a specified amount granted workers prevailing wages. Some states have a state equivalent of the Davis-Bacon law that covers state-funded jobs in the same manner.

WDOL.gov provides a handy tool for determining Davis-Bacon wages by state. The U.S. Department of Labor website notes the dollar threshold amount for contract coverage under each state's prevailing wage laws and provides a minimum wage map of all 50 states.

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