Where Can You Get Prescription Drug Coupons?


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There are a few websites available that provide coupons for prescription drugs, such as GoodRx, NeedyMeds, Internet Drug Coupons and HelpRx. These websites provide coupons for most prescription drugs.

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Reputable sites like GoodRx offer coupons on many types of prescription drugs. Using these sites to find coupons is easy. On GoodRx, simply search for the desired prescription drug and enter your ZIP code to find local coupons. Then you can access the coupon, print it out, and take it to your pharmacy to receive the reduced price.

Double check the reputation of the site you are using before printing out or using its coupons. A reputable site like GoodRx does not ask you to sign up or pay for accessing the coupons.

Some prescription drugs may not have any coupons available. Some pharmacies may not accept the coupons. However, it is safe to assume that most pharmacies take the coupons from sites like GoodRx and are to keep them on file for your next visit. If you are unsure if your pharmacy takes coupons, call ahead and ask to make sure. You may want to visit a different pharmacy in order to use the coupons and receive the reduced price.

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