How Can You Practice Kissing by Yourself?

The general method used to learn how to kiss involves using two hands and creating a shape similar to that of a mouth, as described by Get Romantic. This method is relatively simple to learn and only takes a few minutes of the day to complete.

The following instructions explain how to properly practice kissing using two hands. Although this technique can teach the basic fundamentals of how to kiss, it does not substitute kissing someone. The best feedback for physical intimacy comes from communicating openly with a romantic partner, as noted by Get Romantic.

  1. Make a mouth with a free hand
  2. First take the left hand and shape the thumb under the index finger to form a shape similar to a mouth.

  3. Finish forming the mouth
  4. Place the right thumb inside the gap created by the left hand to completely form the mouth.

  5. Kiss the hand
  6. Lightly place lips onto the makeshift hand-lips.

  7. Change the techniques
  8. After getting the feel of things, begin to try out different techniques.

Although using hands is the most common way to practice, there are other places on the body that can be used. Some people practice with their wrist, while others use the webs between their fingers and the back of their hands.