How Can a Potential Hire Appropriately Ask for More Time When Offered a Job?


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According to "U.S. News," it is important for potential hires to thank employers and politely ask for more time. It also helps to exude enthusiasm for the offer. If an employer asks why more time is necessary, being upfront about the true reason is always beneficial.

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"The Houston Chronicle" mentions that a person can possibly get more time by scheduling a time to talk more extensively about the job offer. Afterward, the job seeker can thank the person and tell the employer that a decision will be rendered after reviewing all of the answers given.

A more subtle way of requesting more time is to ask about the start date of the job in question, but a potential employee should not use pronouns because this could be misinterpreted as accepting the job. For instance, "The Houston Chronicle" provides the following impersonal statement as an example: "What is your timeline for the new employee to start?" Using "new employee" instead of "I" or "me" lets the employer know that the applicant has not fully accepted the job. From there, a person can ask for more time, if the position starts sooner than expected.

Mentioning professional obligations is always helpful because many employers realize that applicants may have previous commitments to an old job, and it is a way of demonstrating commitment. An applicant can also say personal obligations stand in the way, but there is no need to mention specifically what those obligations entail. "The Houston Chronicle" also states that the most direct way of asking for more time is for the applicant to inquire about the maximum time allotted to give a final decision. If the time frame is too short, then the applicant needs to politely try to negotiate for a little more time.

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