How Can You Find a Postcode for an Address in the United Kingdom?

Find a postcode for an address in the United Kingdom by searching the street name and number on sites such as and, which display matching official addresses from within the region. Another option is to search for the address on Google Maps, which matches the address information to data from satellite images and official maps to return the full address and postcode. features a simple address search tool that allows users to find both the postcode of an address and the addresses that fall within a postcode. The first option requires the user to enter in the street number or name into the search box, which initiates a suggestion engine that returns a list of matching results, from which the user may choose to view the full address. After choosing an address, a user is able to view the full mailing address for that location, including the correct formatting for a letter or package. offers a similar tool, though it sets a limit on the number of searches users may perform within a day, capping actions at 50 addresses. This is because the site offers various services for businesses that require frequent address and postcode information.

To find the postcode for an address using Google Maps, begin typing the address into the search field until finding the corresponding location from the suggested results. It is also possible to enter the address along with the phrase "United Kingdom" and conduct a search, in order to manually choose the location on the map and view the postcode.