Where Can You Post a Resume Online?

Where Can You Post a Resume Online?

Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder and LinkedIn are some of the best options for posting resumes online. These sites have a lot of potential employer traffic, which is important; posting a resume is only useful if employers are likely to take a look.

Indeed is the largest job website in the United States. This means that a large number of employers think to look at Indeed when searching for job candidates. In addition, this site has made the process of posting a resume simple. This site is free for both job seekers and employers.

Monster is one of the best-known job sites around the world. One of the advantages of this site is the employer tracking feature. Monster keeps track of how many employers have looked at a resume.

CareerBuilder has over 30,000 employers searching the site every day. Once the resume is posted on CareerBuilder, the site automatically scans for keywords and uses that information to recommend jobs to the user.

LinkedIn is slightly different from these other job sites. This website focuses on user-generated professional profiles and making connections. To effectively share a resume on LinkedIn, it is necessary to make use of the connection feature. The more connections a profile has, the more likely it is to be viewed by employers.