Where Can a Person Sell Fur Coats?

The best place a person a can sell his or her fur coats is on the Internet through sites such as eBay, BuyMyFur, Mano Swartz and webfurs.com. A person should do research prior to choosing a good site to use. Sites that deal in buying fur coats will quote a price after seeing pictures of the coat or the coat itself.

Some sites, such as eBay, allow sellers to quote their own fixed price for a particular product. A person can also let potential buyers bid on a particular coat so as to get the highest price. Before selling a fur coat, it is sensible first to know its value.

When selling to online dealers, one needs to take pictures of the garment he or she would like to sell. The product should only be shipped after contacting the dealer. The dealer will look at the pictures and provide an estimated price for the coat. If the seller is satisfied with the quoted price, he or she can then ship it to the dealer. Some buyers will want to see the garment first before quoting a price.

It is important to note that some dealers won't pay the money immediately. Sellers are provided a date or a particular period for payments to be made. Other sites have instant payments after the buyer opts to buy the coat.