How Can a Person Register for Road Runner Services?


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Individuals interested in using Road Runner Internet services can do so by establishing an account with an Internet service provider, such as All Connect or Time Warner Cable, as of 2015. However, Time Warner Cable no longer uses Road Runner branding to promote its high-speed Internet services.

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Companies promote Road Runner Internet services as being faster than other types of digital subscriber line services that send data via telephone lines. All Connect offers Road Runner service to numerous cities, and it provides homes and businesses access to the Internet, email and a suite of security software. Time Warner Cable once used the popular road runner cartoon character along with the Road Runner high-speed online branding, but it now offers the same services in bundled packages under its own eye and ear logo.

Many Internet service providers offer bundled packages that combine web, television and phone services, or just web and cable. Package pricing correlates with Internet bandwidth capacity and number of TV channels. Individuals considering special package promotions need to be sure to read the fine print because there are often extra fees involved. Installation and equipment servicing are other factors that go into deciding which service is best, but choices of Internet services usually depend on finding available providers.

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