Can a Person Get Insurance on a Salvage Automobile?

Individuals can purchase insurance for salvage automobiles, but the premiums are higher than for other automobiles, and state laws and insurance company requirements differ between states, according to CarsDirect. As of 2015, insurers such as State Farm, Progressive, Nationwide and offer salvage title car insurance quotes and policies.

An automobile insurer may only offer liability insurance for a salvage-titled car, because a salvage car's value is much less than the value of a car with a clear title, explains CarsDirect. An individual can obtain quotes online for public liability and property damage for a salvage vehicle at A salvage-titled car owner must inform the insurance company about all of the vehicle's damage and repairs, and may need to provide photographs to obtain insurance. A salvage-titled vehicle is one with significant damage due to an incident such as a fire, flood or accident, and the vehicle is usually not drivable.