How Can a Person Get the Emerald Prepaid Card?

The Emerald Prepaid MasterCard can be obtained by making an online application through the H&R Block website. Application usually involves filling a form requiring personal details and proof of identification before the process of producing the card can begin.

Some of the details required during application for the Emerald Prepaid MasterCard include official names, country of origin and date of birth. Once the application is made, the issuing authority verifies the information and then mails the card to the user.

This card is quite convenient since it allows its user to make purchases through online stores that accept MasterCard payments. Other features associated with the card regard checking the balance online for free and withdrawing cash from MasterCard-branded automated teller machines.

As with all other credit cards, the Emerald card enhances security since the user does not have to carry cash whenever he or she goes shopping. Convenience and ability to monitor daily spending are two other advantages of having this card. Another feature that makes this card unique is that users are able to win weekly cash rewards for using their cards.

The card is produced and issued by H&R Block which is considered one of the largest tax preparation companies in the world. It also offers services such as banking, finance and business consultation.