How Can a Person Find a Buyer for Their Old Barn?


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Find a buyer for an old barn by posting a listing with pictures on a barn classifieds website or by contacting a company that specializes in the purchase of antique barns or reclaimed lumber from similar structures. Another option is to sell the barn as a whole or in pieces through an auction site.

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One method for finding a buyer for an old barn involves posting an ad on a classifieds website that specializes in facilitating the sales of such structures, such as TheBarnPages.com. This increases the chances of exposing the listing to someone interested in making a purchase, as general classifieds sites may not have the same targeted audience. These sites typically charge for placing ads, usually a set amount for a specific duration, though some may offer discounts on posts with longer durations.

Alternately, the barn owner can focus on selling the barn components by contacting a lumber reclamation service, which may be willing to purchase the barn as it is rather than deconstruct it. Some companies that focus on reclaiming materials specify requirements for the type and quality of lumber necessary to participate in the program. For example, Elmwood Reclaimed Timber posts a series of guidelines on the materials it buys and how to package them for pickup. It also directs customers to submit purchase requests exclusively through its Got Wood form.

When selling an old barn on an auction site, users may start out selling it as a single unit before making separate posts for its individual components and materials.

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