How Can a Person Become a Barber?


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A person needs to complete an approved training program, or put in a number of apprentice hours, and pass an exam to obtain a barber's license. Most training programs in a school setting take 1 to 2 years to complete. An apprenticeship may take longer, depending on state regulations.

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A barber is someone who has experience in the basics of men's hairstyles and caters primarily to male clientele. If a person is interested in becoming a barber, he or she needs to complete just a few requirements.

Step 1: Obtain a high school diploma

Since a few years of higher education is required to become a barber, a high school diploma is necessary. One also has the option of obtaining his or her general educational development certificate, or GED.

Step 2: Graduate from an accredited beauty or barber school

After high school, one must enroll in a beauty or barber school and complete the required classes and hours for his or her state. An alternate way to gain experience and education is to complete an apprenticeship with an approved barber.

Step 3: Sit for and pass the license exam

After graduating college or completing the apprenticeship, one must pass the state exam in order to obtain his or her license to practice.

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