How Can People With Special Needs Find a Job?


People with special needs can find a job by learning about services offered within a school district, community, county or state or by using an employment service. Also, they can try to find a program that offers supported employment.

Certain services, such as AbilityFirst and Food for Good Thought, get funding through state and federally-funded agencies like the Department of Rehabilitation and Medicaid. Programs like these offer jobs for people with disabilities and sometimes even provide transportation to and from their workplaces.

Employment services can also offer moral support. By giving assessment tests and working with special needs candidates to find out what they are interested in and what their abilities are, they can help such candidates to explore potentially rewarding career paths. Employment services also prepare special needs candidates for job interviews by giving them a list of questions to ask, further helping them to find something they like to do and can do.

For special needs job seekers who need ongoing support, supported employment is the way to go. With supported employment, dedicated job coaches stay with the employees every minute of their shifts to help them grow. Services like Food for Good Thought offer supported employment opportunities.