Where Can Pearl Necklaces Be Sold?


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Individuals who wish to sell pearl jewelry at reasonable prices often get the best results by selling through an auction house that specializes in pearl jewelry. Other viable options include selling online through auction websites, selling to specialist dealers or selling to pawnbrokers.

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Auction houses that specialize in pearl jewelry are able to provide the best price for authentic pearl necklaces through an established network of buyers, according to jewelry company 62days. Large auction houses, such as Bonhams, are often willing to accept pearl necklaces from sellers around the world, taking a commission of the eventual sale for the company's part in connecting sellers with buyers.

Selling a pearl necklace online without the intervention of a specialized auction house can be risky, especially if the buyer is not totally certain that the pearls are authentic. Most large cities feature at least one internationally recognized pearl jewelry expert who can attest to the authenticity of a necklace, allowing buyers to bid on pearl necklaces with confidence. These experts are often dealers in pearl jewelry themselves, and may offer a slightly lower price to purchase the pearl necklace outright and skip the auction process.

Pawnbrokers are generally not recommended, as they tend to offer the lowest prices, but the trade-off is that they almost always purchase pearl jewelry immediately with cash.

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