How Can You Get a Pay Stub Electronically?

Electronic pay stubs can be issued and accessed through various online companies, such as TruBridge and eStubView. Electronic platforms for this service can vary depending on the company or type of business.

Regardless of which electronic platform a company uses for online pay stubs, the user or employee is required to enter log in information, which consists of a user name and password. The log in information may be provided by the employer. In some cases, the user is granted permission to create the log in information. Once the user is logged into the pay stub account, the most recent pay period shows on the screen. Depending on which pay period the user needs access to, the date range can be selected or entered into the system manually.

Most electronic programs provide a straight forward option for printing or saving a specific pay stub. For example, many programs have options that users can click on, such as "print pay stub." Some programs even have a tab on the user's profile page that reads, "pay stubs." If a user or employee experiences difficulties with accessing an electronic pay stub, an administrator should be notified for assistance. Typically, a company's human resources department can help with this.