How Can You Find Your Pay Stub?


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You can find your pay stub either by looking at the document your employer provides twice per month or by requesting pay stubs from the corporate headquarters of your employer. Another method of finding your pay stub might be to log in to your employer via the Cloud.

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Your employer should be providing you with at least two pay stubs per month, provided you get paid biweekly, according to Credit.com. These pay stubs tell you what your gross earnings (earnings before tax) and your net income (earnings after tax) were. The pay stubs also tell you how much federal and state withholding are being taken from your paycheck. If you'd like an official record of your pay stubs, you may request these from the corporate offices of your employer, and they should provide them free of charge. Another viable alternative is to log in to your employee website via the Cloud in order to access your pay stubs.

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