How Can Do You Pay Off Debit Card Bills?

Debit cards are directly linked to a checking account, explains the Federal Trade Commission, so any money spent comes directly out of the checking account, making it almost impossible to accumulate a balance that needs repaying. If debit accumulates on a credit card, however, there are options for eliminating it.

Making a payment on a credit card bill reduces the amount owed to the issuer of the card, and it is important to pay the bill on time, explains the Federal Trade Commission at The payment is generally made either through the mail, by phone or through an online payment system. Most banks allow credit card holders with checking accounts at the same institution to transfer funds from an eligible account straight to the credit card account when a payment is due.

Paying off accumulated debt on a credit card debt is more difficult. The first course of action is learning to identify the source of overspending, following by learning to live on a budget and refraining from making unnecessary purchases, explains U.S. News and World Report. Late payments equal more and more debt, so it's best to pay it off as quickly as possible. It helps to make a list of unavoidable expenses every payday, in order to accurately gauge how much money is left for discretionary spending. It's important to also leave some extra room in the budget for unexpected or forgotten expenses.