Can You Pay Your JCPenney Bill Online?

can-pay-jcpenney-bill-online Credit: Sam Howzit/CC-BY 2.0

As of 2015, it is possible to pay a JCPenney Credit Card bill online through an online account, an option available to all cardholders. Once a cardholder has logged into her account, she clicks the Pay My Bill link to start the payment.

The Online Credit Center asks you to enter your user ID. Click on the Pay My Bill link. Enter your checking account information, the amount of the bill you would like to pay and the date when you would like to have the bill payment withdrawn from your account.

Cardholders can make payments by bank transfer after providing checking account information, payment date and amount to be paid. Online payments to JCPenney Credit Card accounts can take up to three days to register on the account. Aside from bill payments, cardholders can also use their online accounts to view account summaries and request credit line increases.