How Can You Pay a Con Edison Bill Online?

can-pay-con-edison-bill-online Credit: Tetra Images/Getty Images

Con Edison offers a Pay-By-Internet feature to make paying the bill easy for their customers. The service is free and the customer must simply register their account online.

Con Edison offers a multitude of way for their customers to pay their bills. They can pay online with the Pay-By-Internet feature or by using an online banking website. Most online banking websites have instructions to pay a bill using their service and an automatic payment can be set up. For customers without Internet access, there are still a few ways to make a payment. A payment can be make by calling Con Edison's Payment Express hotline. The process is free and completely automated. The customer can also go into the Con Edison office or an authorized payment center to make a payment.

Con Edison is also partnered with BillMatrix. BillMatrix accepts most major credit cards and the bill will be credited the following day. They do charge a service fee for using their services. In addition, Con Edison's website states that a customer can sign up for direct payments and e billing. These services do away with receiving paper bills an remembering the due dates. The bills are all sent online an the money is drafted from the customer's account automatically.