How Can You Pay Your Citi Card Bill Online?

Citi card users can pay credit card bills by creating an account at the Citi website and utilizing its online bill payment option. From the online account management panel, users can pay a current bill, make payments for multiple Citi cards, or schedule payments in advance.

To set up online Citi card payments, go to the flexible payment methods page at the Citi website and click the Enroll In Online Bill Payment link. Create a username and strong password for the account, and remember to change the password periodically to protect your financial information from hackers. Customers with a Citi account can also enroll in its autopay service, which links Citi credit cards to an authorized bank account. Its autopay service deducts a specific amount of money each month from a designated bank account to pay a credit card balance. Customers can contact Citi directly to set up customized due dates to make credit card payments more convenient.

Keeping tabs on the monthly budget is a good way to manage monthly credit card bill payments. Knowing how much money is earned and spent each month is useful for avoiding credit debt problems. A monthly budget is calculated on the total amount of earnings, including income from work, benefits and investment accounts, minus expenses such as mortgage, rent and household bills. Limit credit card debt payments to 20 percent or less of the monthly budget.