How Can You Pay a Bill With EFT From Your Checking Account?


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While the exact steps vary between entities, many companies allow you to pay bills with an electronic funds transfer from your checking account by providing your account number and routing number. Many banks also provide bill payment tools that allow for direct payments and fund transfers from a checking account.

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Each agency that accepts online payments operates its own guidelines for collection, either processing the payments directly or through a third party firm. In most cases, you need to sign into your account with the company in order to access your statement, then initiate a payment and select your checking account from the list of available payment sources. Verifying your checking account requires you to provide the account number and the routing number, both of which typically appear on your checks as well as on your online banking account. This information allows the collecting agency to request a withdrawal from your account in the amount you specify, rather than requiring you to write a check.

Similarly, many banks offer special online payment services for paying bills electronically. The exact methods vary between banks, with many including a special interface for issuing payments to a business that registers with the bank. These services also allow you to make an immediate electronic payment to individuals or small businesses that have an account with your bank.

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