Where Can You Find Part Time Job Listings?


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Some sites that offer part-time job listings include Flex Jobs, Rat Race Rebellion and Flex Professionals. These sites all offer listings for flexible part-time jobs, with many telecommuting positions available.

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Flex Jobs is one of the only part-time employment sites that charges a monthly fee for access, but for workers serious about legitimate part-time positions, the charge may be worth it. The site is extremely meticulous about checking the credentials of its employers, according to Forbes, making sure that only serious jobs are posted. As a result, Flex Jobs offers substantial listings of professional part-time positions that boast competitive salaries.

Rat Race Rebellion caters to workers who are sick of 40-hour office workweeks, listing part-time jobs in a variety of categories. From blogging and consulting to medical transcription and mystery shopping, the site offers a range of part-time positions that offer flexible scheduling, most of which can be performed from home. Pay for many of the positions offered is typically on the lower end of the spectrum, but the site does occasionally offer higher-paying opportunities.

Flex Professionals is a staffing service that fills part-time or project-based positions. The site serves many major companies, and demands strict requirements of its workers: a college degree and at least 10 years of professional experience.

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