How Can You Get Your ParaPro Paraprofessional Test Scores Online?

Educational Testing Service does not provide an online database of test scores for the ParaPro Assessment. Test takers receive an unofficial printable version of their scores onscreen immediately after talking the assessment. ETS also mails test takers an official version of the scores two to three weeks after the test date. In over half of the states in which the test can be taken, the company also automatically mails scores to the state's teacher credentialing office.

ETS offers the opportunity to request that additional score reports be sent, so long as the test was taken within the last 10 years. The company charges a fee for this service and accepts such requests by mail, fax or phone. Fee payments should be made by check, money order or major credit card. The company sends the highest test score received by the test taker

ETS provides the following information on a score report: name, score, pass or no pass score information for designated recipients indicated by the test taker, background and educational information, and detailed content category performance for current scores.

Passing requirements vary by state and, in some cases, district. ETS provides a list of these requirements on its website, along with downloadable PDFs to help test takers better understand their scores.