Can You Do Your PA State Return Online?

Individuals can do their Pennsylvania state income tax returns online, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. State taxpayers can use PA Free File or PADirectFile for free, or the Fed/State e-file program, through which taxpayers file their state and federal tax returns using fee-based software from trusted vendors.

Taxpayers who have federal adjusted gross incomes of $60,000 or less for the tax year can qualify to use PA Free File tax software, using trusted vendors to complete their state and federal tax returns online, explains the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. Full-time Pennsylvania resident taxpayers who prefer to prepare their own taxes can complete Free File fillable forms online and file them electronically, or print and mail them to the revenue department. PADirectFile is a free, secure service for filing only state personal income tax returns. Taxpayers complete and file their returns electronically, sending them directly to the state revenue department.