How Can You Get Your Own 877 Number?


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In the United States, 877 numbers are assigned by entities referred to as Responsible Organizations or RespOrgs. RespOrgs, which consist of various companies including phone service providers, have access to the SMS/800 database. RespOrgs allocate 877 numbers upon availability to businesses and individuals on a first-come, first-served basis. An 877 number is portable to other phone service providers to reduce calling costs and enhance competition.

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While 877 numbers are not assigned to any geographic location, a customer may choose to restrict the calls. Toll-free calls tend to be cheaper than calls via regular numbers, especially for long distance and international calls. Customers are more likely to contact a business if it has a toll free number. In addition, businesses and individuals can access Caller ID to see blocked calls when using an 877 number. This provides extra security especially for sensitive businesses such as banks, credit card providers, data centers and brokerage companies.

As of 2015, 877 is one of six toll-free exchanges available. Others include 800, 844, 855, 866 and 888. Calls to toll-free numbers are charged to the called party rather than the caller. The Federal Communication Commission regulates access to and availability of toll numbers but doesn't handle the day-to-day allocation of the numbers and cannot provide information on the status of a particular toll number.

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