How Can You Find Out If an Urgent Care Facility Accepts Tricare?


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Tricare's website has a "Find a Doctor" feature that allows policyholders to look up doctors and facilities that are covered. Both in-network and out-of-network providers are available from the site.

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From the main Tricare website, click the "Find a Doctor" link. There are options to search by in-network providers, non-network providers, military hospitals or overseas providers. To search by in-network or out-of-network providers, first click on which geographic region where they are located.

The navigation or search criteria to follow varies after this point, depending on which region is selected. Follow the instructions on the region-specific page to fill out the form that appears to find providers close to their zip code. Some pages give the option to search specifically for urgent care facilities; if this option is not given, then look at the search results to determine if a particular urgent care facility is listed. If no results can be found under in-network providers, then searching under out-of-network providers may still show an urgent care center nearby.

An alternative approach to using the Tricare website would be to call the customer service number for a nearby urgent care center and ask their representatives if Tricare is accepted.

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