How Can You Find Out If the Iraqi Dinar Has Been Revalued?


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Currency news websites and trackers follow the value of the Iraqi Dinar as well as other currency types, with some websites offering news articles on recent developments. Some websites keep track of developments surrounding the Iraqi Dinar exclusively, offering more specific news on the currency's value and changes.

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The Iraqi Dinar, as of March 2015, is priced at about 1164 dinars to 1 U.S. dollar. This price is roughly consistent with how the currency has been valued for decades, resulting in considerations being made to change the denomination of the currency by removing three of the zeros off the end, a decision made by the Central Bank of Iraq in 2010.

Iraqi Dinars are tracked by XE.com, which has an online currency converter to see the current value compared to other currencies. The values fluctuate according to the market, so the value of an Iraqi Dinar may be different day to day, and can even change earlier than that.

Some websites, such as DinarGuru.com, list current news developments and predictions surrounding the Iraqi Dinar. Websites such as these have more thorough news listings surrounding the Central Bank of Iraq or events surrounding the currency itself. DinarGuru.com requires membership for access to many of the tools available on the website.

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