How Can You Find Out Your Insurance Policy Number?

can-out-insurance-policy-number Credit: Petrol/Westend61/Getty Images

An insurance policy number is required to file a claim or retrieve policy-specific information. Acquire this number by accessing policy documentation or contacting the policy insurance carrier. Be prepared to disclose personal identification information, such as your social security number or account number.

  1. Review policy documents

    Locate a physical copy of your insurance policy. Your specific policy number is listed on the declaration page, which is typically the first page of a policy.

  2. Locate your insurance card

    If available, locate your insurance card. Typically, policy numbers are found on the front or on the back of this card.

  3. Review claim documentation

    When a claim is filed, your insurance provider may provide claim documentation. While the exact location of a policy number can vary based on carrier formats, policy numbers are typically found directly underneath your name and address.

  4. Contact your insurance carrier

    Call the customer service line for your insurance carrier. Inform the representative that you wish to receive your policy number. Be prepared to provide identification markers, such as your social security number, current mailing address and birth date.

  5. Review billing statements

    Billing statements from an insurance carrier typically include your policy number. The location of the policy number varies based upon formats used by the provider; however, the policy number is generally located near your contact information.