How Can You Find Out What the Different National Currencies Look Like?


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Find out what different national currencies look like through sites such as Banknotes.com, Traveller.org, PBase.com and eBay.com, as of 2016. Each site includes images of the obverse and reverse sides of banknotes from various countries, and some include multiple denominations or different versions of the same notes.

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Banknotes.com contains a section dedicated to displaying the images of numerous types of currency from around the world. The selection tool starts with options to choose the continent where the desired country is located. Each continent includes a list of countries with paper money, and for each country, the website provides a list of all the different denominations available and links to view images of each bill.

Traveller.org offers all of its images of foreign currency on a single page, organizing the pictures alphabetically according to the currency's country of origin. Some countries feature multiple images covering different banknotes and allow you to click on thumbnails to view larger versions of the money.

PBase.com allows you to scroll through a list of various national currencies from different counties. Images of each type of currency appear next to the image of the country's flag and the symbol for that type of money. Clicking on a thumbnail for a currency image loads a larger version on a page that also includes links to view a map of the country of origin.

Auction site eBay.com features numerous listings for currency from collectors, often featuring older versions of the bills with images and designs that may no longer be in regular circulation.

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