How Can I Find Out If a Business Is Incorporated?

To find out if a business is incorporated, determine the state it would be incorporated in and check with the corresponding Secretary of State's office. Many businesses incorporate where the headquarters are located. However, some businesses may incorporate in other states for tax or privacy protection reasons

  1. Determine the state or states you believe the business may be incorporated in

    Start with the state the business is headquartered in as well as business-friendly states such as Delaware and Nevada. If you want to be absolutely sure the business is not incorporated in the United States, you will need to consider all U.S. states.

  2. Locate the Secretary of State's office

    Many Secretary of State offices have basic websites that allow you to request public records such as articles of incorporation. Otherwise, you will need the address and phone number in order to ask questions and request information.

  3. Complete a request for articles of incorporation

    Check the Secretary of State's website for a form or call to ask what information is needed to provide you with records about a company.

  4. Submit the request

    Check that the request meets all requirements, including payment of any fees. Send the request to the appropriate Secretary of State's office according to the office's instructions.