How Can You Find Out Your Average Utility Cost Based on Your ZIP Code?

Individuals can find out their average utility costs based on their ZIP codes by going to the websites of energy companies and companies that compare energy costs, both of which sometimes offer sample rates based on customer ZIP codes. Examples of such companies are My Energy, Power2Switch and IGS Energy.

Energy customers can check for sample rates on My Energy by selecting a month from the month drop-down tab and then entering their states, cities or ZIP codes and clicking the Find Average button. The website then pulls up an average monthly rate for the entered area. The website also provides a list of major cities with average rates for quick viewing.

Power2Switch compares energy provider rates. Customers enter their ZIP codes into search box and then click the Make The Switch button. Power2Switch then provides a list of providers within the area under the categories of Best Overall, Best Short Term, Most Popular and Most Green.

Customers can view rates on the IGS Energy website by entering their ZIP codes and clicking the Get Rates button. They then choose the residential, small business or large business options before choosing a provider under the Confirm Utility Provider(s) heading to get rate information.