How Can You Find Out the Average Income by State?


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The U.S. Census Bureau and the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation provide lists that show the median income by state, according to each website. Excel files from the Census Bureau’s website show a state’s median income by family size and the number of earners in the family.

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The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation website provides data for all 50 states with each state’s median household income as of 2014, as the website indicates. The data used by the foundation reflects all people who live in a housing unit. The data considers foster children, lodgers, wards of the state or individuals sharing a housing unit as a household.

The U.S. Census Bureau considers income as money received on a regular basis before taxes. The income figures do not consider benefits such as food stamps, subsidized housing or goods produced and consumed on the farm as regular income, explains the U.S. Census Bureau. The Census Bureau collects data from several surveys, including the Annual Social and Economic Supplement, the American Community Survey, the Survey of Income and Program Participation and the Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates. However, the Census Bureau reports that many participants sometimes underreport their incomes, but respondents generally report incomes from wages and salaries accurately.

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