Where Can You Take an OSHA Certification Test?

Official OSHA certification testing is currently handled by the various education centers located in each region of the United States and many outlying areas. These centers are not to be confused with the online and regional courses that do not give a full certification for passing training courses.

As of 2015, OSHA currently has 40 education centers around the United States and outlying territories where full certification can be earned through training courses and testing. A majority of the testing centers can be found in the Midwest, southern and eastern regions of the United States, with the more populous states having more than one center.

There are websites, such as OSHAEducationCenter.com, that offer online certification for various health and safety requirements for a smaller fee than is required by OSHA. However, these websites do not offer full certification, just an acknowledgement that training that is similar to that provided by the OSHA education centers was completed. To receive a full, nationally recognized certification, individuals must attend OSHA training and testing at an education center sponsored by OSHA.

As of 2015, official OSHA training courses can cost approximately between $200 to $850, depending on the type of training, length of course and depth of knowledge gained by passing the certification test.