How Can an Organization Use OSHA As a Resource When Planning a Safety Meeting?


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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the Labor Department's vehicle for supplying companies nationwide with proper worker safety guidelines; therefore, the administration's resources can be instrumental in safety meetings to educate staff so no one is killed or seriously harmed at work. OSHA's website can be used to find commonly used statistics, such as workplace injury, illness and fatality statistics, which may serve as cautionary information.

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Training publications and materials on many topics are searchable and available from the administration's website, to help staff recognize and avoid workplace hazards. OSHA publications and training materials are available as downloadable PDFs from its website, which can be instructive as hand-outs and aids in safety meetings. Publications such as "A Brief Guide to Mold in the Workplace" and "Emergency Management: Preparing and Responding to Workplace Emergencies Fact Sheet" and a "Fall Prevention Poster" can help workers learn how to protect themselves and protect their coworkers, if necessary.

Specific information is also available for certain entities. OSHA doesn't leave the needs of small businesses out and also provides guidance to them as well. The administration also provides guidance regarding temporary workers and the role that host companies have to protect these "guests." This information can help department heads be responsible stewards.

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