How Can You Order Free Wholesale Catalogs?

Order free wholesale catalogs through well-known manufacturers or through online wholesale catalog directories such as and Additionally, browse them online in e-catalogs. Generally, wholesaling is only open to business customers in business-to-business relationships. Many wholesalers charge for catalogs but offer free or discounted shipping.

The most direct route to find a specific wholesale catalog is to contact the manufacturer. Many manufacturers offer free product listings or can direct inquiries toward wholesale suppliers. Unlike retail relationships between businesses and customers, wholesaling usually requires bulk orders, established reputations and the prospect of future transactions in exchange for discounted prices. offers a thorough directory of wholesale catalogs in 20 different categories as of 2015. In addition, the website seeks specific wholesalers or manufacturers for its customers in any product category. Membership cost is about $7 per month. offers a directory of wholesale and business-to-business catalogs for free or at a discounted price in 25 categories.

In addition to catalogs, online auctions market wholesale or liquidated products to the general public. Websites such as and sell product returns from The Home Depot, Groupon, Costco, Wal-Mart and others. These auctions typically involve pallet-size and truckload-size collections of mixed goods.