What Can OpenTable Points Be Exchanged For?

OpenTable points can be exchanged for a gift certificate, called an OpenTable Dining Cheque, which is valid at any OpenTable member restaurant. Once the minimum number of points has been earned, the points can be redeemed, and the certificate is mailed to the user.

OpenTable, an online dining reservation system, uses a rewards program called OpenTable Dining Rewards. A free registration is required to use the system and accumulate rewards. Members who use OpenTable to make reservations receive points when they are completed, which is defined as honoring the reservation and paying for the meal. Typically, users receive 100 points per reservation, although OpenTable occasionally features restaurants where a member can receive 1,000 points for completing a reservation. A member can request a reward certificate once 2,000 points have been accumulated.

Members can make reservations and view their point balances by using applications on mobile devices, but points can only be redeemed by logging into OpenTable.com. Points continue to accumulate after the minimum amount has been earned, although they may expire after 12 months of inactivity on an account. The points are also specific to an account and may not be transferred to another account. Reservations made at member restaurants without using OpenTable are not eligible for points.