How Can You Open a Small Trucking Company?


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Opening a small trucking company involves designing the company business plan, choosing and obtaining a company model, acquiring a commercial driver's license, obtaining a truck, insuring the company and marketing the company, according to the Houston Chronicle. It is also important to conduct research about operating a business of this nature.

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When writing a trucking company business plan, state the objectives of the company, strategies you intend to apply in order to achieve the objectives, and your expected earnings from the company, says the Houston Chronicle. To choose a company model, first consider the most suitable business structure, based in part upon the extent of personal liabilities attached to it. A suitable model of small trucking company, especially a company that is based at home, is a limited liability company model. Aside from limiting personal liability, this model saves you the formality of running a more complicated type of corporation. To obtain a limited liability company model, submit your company's organization articles to your respective state, which files them for a fee.

Getting a commercial driver's license involves passing a specific driving test administered by your state for a fee, explains the Houston Chronicle. Purchase a new or previously owned truck that is serviceable. Be sure that the truck's size and features meet your business needs before buying it. Insure the truck and the business to guarantee you are compensated in case of loss or damage.

Marketing your trucking company involves looking for clients who need the services that your company provides, states the Houston Chronicle. One way to get the clients is by calling and talking directly to companies that require trucking services.

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