How Can You Open a Membership at Costco?

Open a membership at Costco by buying it online or by going to the membership counter at a Costco outlet. After filling out the appropriate paperwork, pay the membership fee to finish opening the account.

You can also apply for a Costco membership by calling the membership number and requesting the necessary paperwork by mail or fax. Then, simply return the completed forms. Costco memberships include an identifying card, and if you apply online or by mail, the company mails the card to your home.

If you decide to apply in person, the greeter at the store can help you locate the membership counter. From there, Costco employees can help you complete the process. They can take your payment at the counter and then take your picture for your card.

It is a good idea to determine what kind of membership you want in advance. As of 2015, Costco offers three levels of membership. Gold Star membership is the basic level. Executive membership costs more, but those members earn cash back on their purchases. Business memberships are for licensed businesses or non-profit organizations and require the applicant to provide proof that the company is real. This can take the form of the business license itself or three pieces of business identification.