How Can You Find Open Amtrak Jobs?


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You can find open Amtrak jobs by going to Amtrak's jobs page at Jobs.Amtrak.com. The website has a search engine enabling you to search for job openings by job title, keywords and location. It also lets you browse for jobs in a certain field by clicking on Featured Jobs categories.

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To search for jobs using the Amtrak website's search engine, type a keyword into the first search box and a location within which to search in the second box. Click the Search Jobs button to see a listing of available openings. The list gives job names, locations and dates of postings, and you can click on the entries to find out about the job's duties and prerequisites. Click on the Apply Now button to apply online to individual positions. You need to create an account on the site prior to application. The Amtrak website also enables you to apply using your Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.

Categories under the Featured Jobs heading include categories such as Amtrak Police Department Jobs, Locomotive Engineering Jobs, OSB and Station Services Jobs, Entry Level Jobs, and Conductor Jobs. Click on a category to view openings, and then follow the same procedures for viewing and applying for the positions as discussed above.

You can also utilize Amtrak's email notification service to receive updates on new job openings within the company.

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