Where Can You Find Online Upholstery Classes?

Several companies, including Craftsy.com, Diyupholsterysupply.com and Kimsupholstery.com, offer online upholstery classes. All offer a comprehensive overview of basic upholstery, but they vary in format. While most rely heavily on instructional videos, some also use text and pictures to explain key elements of upholstery. All online upholstery classes usually provide a list of basic supplies and materials needed for a beginner upholsterer.

As of October 2015, Craftsy.com offers a class for $45 that includes seven instructional videos, measurement charts, some supplies and access to communication with an instructor. Although the class is self-paced, it includes beginner-level projects that the participant completes during the course of the class.

Diyupholsterysupply.com offers a series of short videos on upholstery that provide basic information about the skill. Video topics include "How to Use a Button Machine" and "How to Upholster a Dining Seat." There are no fees to view the videos, but the website offers an option to give a gratuity for the service.

As of October 2015, students of KimsUpholstery.com pay a monthly membership of $25 to access upholstery how-to videos online. Instead of a specific lesson plan on upholstery, the website offers instruction on certain aspects of upholstery, such as sewing cording, and specific projects, including recovering headboards or arm chairs.

Amateur upholsters likely need several basic tools and supplies to begin any project. These basic tools include a hammer, scissors, staple gun and sewing machine.