Where Can You Find Free Online Typing Lessons?


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Free online typing lessons are available on websites such as PowerTyping.com, SpeedTypingOnline.com and Typing.com. Online typing lessons typically include an interactive text screen that measures time and accuracy and an image featuring a keyboard layout that displays the proper way to position the hands and fingers over the keys.

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PowerTyping.com provides typing lessons for Qwerty and Dvorak keyboard layouts. The layout overview page includes information about the home row keys and a color-coded diagram showing which finger should cover which set of keys while typing. The website also includes tips about keeping an even rhythm and typing capital letters. As of 2015, the website features 13 lessons that cover specific sets of keys, allowing users to track their typing rate, set goals and review grades for each lesson.

SpeedTypingOnline.com provides typing lessons for the classic and row methods. The former focuses on learning new keys through repetition and then reviewing the acquired skills by typing words that include those keys, while the latter method immediately focuses on words that include multiple keys from the same row. SpeedTypingOnline.com also creates custom lessons by allowing the user to choose keys and then generating words with which they can practice. Typing.com includes three levels of typing lessons: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each level features star ratings that indicate performance quality and offers multiple lessons focusing on punctuation, letters, symbols and numbers.

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