Where Can You Find Online Reviews About Ty J. Young, Inc.?


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An online review of Ty J. Young's wealth management firm can be found on the website Truth in Advertising. The review criticizes Young's use of fixed index annuities, lack of SEC or regulatory oversight, and promotion of seemingly opaque investment strategies.

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Fixed index annuities are also referred to as equity-indexed annuities, which have been criticized in various editions of "Money" magazine. Index annuities make use of extremely aggressive marketing strategies, high commissions, surrender fees, lack of high bonuses and overly complex products. Index annuities are also capped, so even stocks that perform extraordinarily well are limited in terms of how much they can help an investor earn.

While fixed index annuities are not necessarily bad, they are rather complicated; as a result, investors should have a strong understanding of how these annuities work before making any investments without financial guidance. Ty J. Young's lack of transparency is cited by Truth in Advertising as an example of how the firm might prey upon poor financial understanding of its patrons and use it to encourage bad investments.

Truth in Advertising also encourages users to read any fine print on Ty J. Young Inc.'s documents, as they include important information about wealth management and insurance.

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