Where Can You Find an Online Course to Learn Computer Skills?

Find online courses to learn computer skills through Microsoft, Mindflash, Lynda and Alison. Through Microsoft’s Digital Literacy Curriculum, people can learn basic computer skills and receive a certification upon successful completion. Students receive self-paced training.

At Mindflash, students learn the meaning of common words and phrases related to computers. They also learn basic programming languages and mathematical formulas. Mindflash courses focus on software and operating systems as well as on the use of the keyboard and mouse. In addition, students learn how to open and save files and how to legally and safely use the Internet.

Lynda courses help students boost their computer literacy. Through the courses, students learn how to use Windows 8 and Gmail as well as how to download Microsoft Office desktop applications such as PowerPoint and Excel. Students learn the essentials of Google Voice and PowerPoint. They also learn the fundamentals of Internet safety and how to secure their files. Students learn issues associated with using Facebook Messenger and how to adjust their privacy settings.

Through Alison’s online courses, students acquire working knowledge of computer software. Participants learn how to type quickly and accurately. They also learn to use Microsoft Excel to create, edit and save files. In addition, they learn Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Access and receive instruction on how the Internet works.