Where Can You Find Free Online Career Tests?


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CareerFitter.com, Assessment.com and 123test.com are online sites where students, job seekers and employees can find free career tests. These sites provide free assessments that claim to identify the career that is most suitable for the person taking the test.

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Career Fitter says that it uses a scientific approach to determine the best career for an individual. The tool makes use of an individual’s personality mix and also reveals the individual’s possible teamwork abilities, strengths at work and preferable managerial style and the kind of work environment suitable for the individual.

Assessment.com offers free online career tests to help an individual map a career path as a student, graduate or even a working person. The site also provides additional information on career-related matters and guides the person to discover his true calling. The test is quite simple and only takes 15 minutes, after which the individual obtains his results.

Another website that provides a free online career test to check what career fits an individual’s personality best is 123test.com. The assessment makes use of pictures that require an individual to choose the best picture that describes his personality. The test takes between five and 10 minutes, after which it displays results showing a list of professions that suit a particular career personality.

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