Where Can One Find a McMaster-Carr Catalog Online?

As of September 2014, McMaster-Carr provides an online catalog on its website, mcmaster.com. The online catalog features detailed product and ordering information for more than 555,000 items, in more than 25 categories.

The McMaster-Carr online catalog showcases industrial supply products in categories such as fastening and joining, power transmission, sealing, flow and lever control, pressure, and temperature control and filtering. Categories are further divided into subcategories with descriptions, instructions and sometimes charts to aid in understanding and purchasing within the product subcategory.

Each individual product also includes an image, a description and an explanation of variations and available sizes. While searching the online catalog, the user can narrow their browsing selection by various product qualities, such as shape, measurement system, size and finish. Additionally, while on the website, the user can order products and can log in to access their order history.

The catalog also contains contact information for the company, including the telephone number, the email address and a text message support option. McMaster-Carr suggests that the user search for the product they are seeking by entering a description of the product in the search bar. As the user types, search suggestions appear that potentially best represent the product. The user can also enter a part number or catalog page number to directly access the product.